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Co-Codamol 30/500mg


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Co-codamol contains both paracetamol and codeine. Do not take any other preparation which contains paracetamol while you are taking co-codamol.

The usual dose for an adult is one or two co-codamol tablets/capsules every 4-6 hours if needed. Do not take more than two tablets/capsules at a time or more than eight tablets/capsules in 24 hours.

Co-codamol is likely to affect your reactions and your ability to drive. Do not drive until you know how it affects you.

What is Co-Codamol 30/500 mg?

Co-Codamol is an efficient pain killer. Co-Codamol is a mixture of codeine and paracetamol. In Co-Codamol Codeine content is 30 mg and paracetamol 500 mg. Co-Codamol is usually used for a short term duration. Buy Co-Codamol online.

Buy Co-Codamol 30 mg, which is an opioid, primarily works for aches and pains. Codeine binds with an opioid receptor in the central nervous system and stops pain signals. Pain signals are unable to travel from nerves to the brain. This in turn gives relief from pain. As it contains paracetamol too you should not combine this medicine with other forms of paracetamol. You can order Co-Codamol online for the treatment of your insomnia which is especially due to aches and pains. Relief from persistent pain can allow you to sleep comfortably throughout the night.


Extended use of Co-Codamol can form a habit. You should limit the use of Co-Codamol strictly to the short term. Co-Codamol becomes less effective in long term use. You can be addicted to the codeine.

Side effects

Co-Codamol has fewer side effects. You sometimes feel sick (nausea) when you are taking Co-Codamol. You can feel constipated and drowsy. Co-Codamol use can cause excessive sweating. Buy Co-Codamol online in UK.

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